Membership is obtained simply by checking in to our net.

A membership certificate suitable for framing can be obtained by:  1) passing 5 pieces of traffic  OR 2) checking into the net 2 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks.   After completion, send your 'proof'' list with dates, and NCS call sign(s) to the net secretary:  WS8RM


Membership Certificate

Click on certificate to view a larger image. 

The Great Lakes Emergency & Traffic Net (GLETN) is a member of the National Traffic System (NTS) and supports emergency operations if and when the need should arise.

You don't have to be a member to check in, just have an amateur radio license and a willingness to share your life experience with other hams like yourself.

The net meets nightly, 365 nights a year, at 8pm EST .  The first half hour or "pre-net" builds a list for the net that starts at 8:30pm EST. Those checking into the pre-net are also called for a transmission during the net.  SEE YOU THERE.


Join us EVERY EVENING the  pre-net starts at 8pm eastern time and the net follows at 8:30 +- check-ins.


The GLETN database lookup program is now available for both 16 & 32 bit micro processors.  Both versions use the same  database file, so if, for some reason, you have both loaded - changing a record in either program will change it in the other also.

To INSTALL or UPDATE the GLETN database program --

1) Download the program file:

Which version to use?...  The 32 bit version has a few extra features and faster, but you might not notice the difference. Start with the 32 bit version and if it does not work, just download the 16 bit version and remove the icon for the 32 version - they both use the same copy of the database file so the disk space used is tiny (about 40k not megs k!).

InstallGLETN-32.exe   <= 32bit version will run on 32bit Windows  and/or 64 bit versions of Windows (not on DOS machines). Most users will want this version  OR:     InstallGLETN-16.exe.       <= 16bit version will run on older 16bit (DOS) machines and/or 32bit Windows95-XP machines.

2) and RUN it OR click on OPEN when the download window opens.

3) Click the GLETN icon on the desktop, simple running instructions are on the opening screen.

The program version is Apr08 but the database was updated for: August 2012.  At the beginning of every month the GLETN database is compared with the FCC's and the QRZ Canadian databases, call signs are updated and city/state information changed, cancelled and expired calls were removed. So check back after the start of every month for a new/updated database file.

NOTE: If you would rather import the GLETN database into your own software (EXCEL, ACCESS or dBase III etc).   It is VERY EASY to do. See the instructions at the bottom of this page.

If your name is not in the database or is wrong, fill out the form below and I will add or fix it.  Your call, location city & state is automatically looked up on the FCC database and changed, monthly.  If you have changed your call or mailing address it will change here within a month.

New Entry   /   Correction
Call Sign
Name       (first name or name you like to be called)

NCS  Schedule:
Day   Pre-net     Net  
Sunday Mike KC8WMY Wayne WS8RM
Monday Mike KC8WMY Mike WB8TQZ
Tuesday Scott AC8GB Jack WA8IAL
Wednesday Pete AB8JN Donn KC8DMH
Thursday Grant K8VFZ Scott AC8GB
Friday Jack WA8IAL Joe WD8USA
Saturday Shawn VE3PSB Grant K8VFZ


GLETN Treasury Report
Date: Contribution Amount Balance Comment
Sep 16 2009 KB8ZYY 187.02 187.02 Check fm former Sec
Sep 16 2009 WA8IAL 10.00 197.02
Sep 16 2009 WS8RM 10.00 207.02
July 13 2010   -.94 206.08 postage
Aug 02 2010   .47 205.61  


Instructions for importing the GLETN database into other programs...

1) Download the GLETN database .txt file:  GLETN.txt. It is a small file and will download very fast.

2) Open your program and follow its import instructions.

3) Here is the structure for the database:  The database file is a TEXT file that is COMMA DELIMITED.  The individual fields are:  Callsign, Prefix, Suffix, Name, City, State.  If you are wanting to duplicate the layout of the 'old' GLETN Roster book.-- using your software program and sort the data using the SUFFIX field and the data will be in the order used in the old book.

EXAMPLE for importing to Microsoft Excel:   Open Excel, under File select Import.  The check 'delimited' and comma as the separator. Click OK and you're good to go.